Can Freezing Leaks Damage Your Home This Winter?

Your home could encounter severe water damage from the freezing temperatures, snows and ice this coming winter. Persons staying in locations prone to harsh weather during winter need to take some precautions to protect their homes and properties from unfavorable weather changes. Temperatures dropping below zero could lead to freezing and cracking of exposed pipes and dripping pipes. The effect could impact negatively on the supply of water into your home. To avoid these winter occurrences such as expensive plumbing processes, it is advisable that your place of residence for winter. Plumbing problems seem to be more rampant during seasons and events that put stress on water pipes.

Flood House

Tips on how to avoid water damage on your home and property during winter

• Plumbing both on the outside and the inside of your home: insulate all the interiors pipes. A wall insulation could also be used to cover them in more vulnerable places such as crawl spaces. The exterior pipes should be protected by the use of weather-resistant insulation. During the massive freeze, the cabinet doors situated below sinks should be kept open, this will help in the circulation of heat around the pipes. Professional services such as those from Toledo OH, that specialize in the provision of home damage restoration services should be hired to assist in winterizing the outdoor sprinkler system. The Toledo, OH, professionals will get rid of all the residual water that may end up freezing leading to bursting of the pipes. Disconnecting the exterior hoses from the faucets and installation of frost-free hoses together with horse bibs may also help in preventing the damages. Areas in which pipes are exposed such as unfinished garages need to be properly insulated. Whenever you suspect a frozen pipe, immediately shut down the primary source of water supply then call a professional from Toledo OH.

• Fireplaces, furnaces and heating systems in your home: these heating systems should be utilized in a correct manner and also well maintained. Poor maintenance of these facilities could end up causing fire and puff backs. You should carry out an annual cleaning of your chimneys and flues.

• Ensure you have an easy access to your stop valve: the stop valve is typically located under the sink, and it is important in cutting off the water supply from the primary source. In the case of a leak, the stop valve should be able to be turned off easily without wasting much time.

• Carry out a regular checkup of your external pipes. The external dripping pipes need to be fixed by a professional. Unrepaired external dripping pipes could lead to water freezing on the ground making the ground slippery, and this may end up causing people to slip and injure themselves.

• You can make your heating system to be on always to help prevent freezing of water in the pipes by warming it up.

• Draughts in your home should be minimized so as to block air from outside to enter the house. Gaps under the door and windows should be covered or sealed.

Benefits of avoiding winter property damage

1. You are saved from the costs of repairing the water damaged pipes.
2. You are saved from inconveniences that may result from damaged pipes such as cutting down of water supply.

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