The Difficulties of Performing a Contents Packout During Winter

Disasters like fires, floods, and building collapses don’t take time off for winter. That means professional restoration companies in the Toledo OH area need to be prepared to work in even the coldest conditions. We have plenty of experience conducting wintertime contents packout jobs, and we take the extra steps necessary to complete them safely. Here’s an overview of some of the extra challenges posed by cold-weather packout work.


Complications Caused By Cold Temperatures

When the temperature dips below freezing, as it often does in Toledo OH and the surrounding area, it throws up some new challenges when we have to remove the contents of a home or commercial building. We have a responsibility to our clients to keep their belongings safe and protect them from damage, and winter weather doesn’t make that easy.

The cold itself can damage fragile possessions if they’re handled improperly during a packout job. Snow and ice make it more difficult to access the facilities we serve and make transportation more challenging. In cases where we’re working in a building that’s been exposed to the elements, we have to deal with freezing temperatures and precipitation both outside and inside.

A summary of some of the toughest parts of doing a contents packout in winter:

* Possessions need to be packed to resist cold
* Snow and ice may need to be cleared from interior spaces
* Weather conditions can make it difficult or impossible to use conventional routes into a building
* Workers need to take extra care to avoid injury
* Ice and snowmelt have to be accounted for (see below)

The Treachery Of Ice

One of the most insidious threats of a wintertime contents packout job is ice. It doesn’t just reduce traction and create tripping hazards; frozen water can ruin the furnishings we’re removing if we don’t account for it properly.

Moisture is a common problem for many of the homes and offices we help restore. In the winter, that translates into iced-up furnishings and belongings. Ice adds weight to the materials we’re moving, making them harder to handle. More importantly, if we let icy possessions through into our storage facilities without extracting the water, it can melt and cause even more damage.

We thoroughly check all of the home or office content we move during winter jobs to make sure it’s dry. If it’s not, we mark it for special attention before moving it into storage. Items that need to be thawed and dried are treated with care to ensure they suffer no permanent damage.

Beating The Worst Winter Weather

Keeping a close watch on our clients’ goods to make sure they end up safe and dry in our storage facilities is just the start of what we do on winter restoration jobs. We employ fully-trained crews that know how to keep themselves — and our clients’ belongings — safe in sub-zero temperatures.

Where snow or ice makes it difficult to access the property, we either find alternate routes or clear the snow away. In cases where wintertime precipitation has forced its way into the home, we may even bring in our own heaters to raise indoor temperatures and perform basic defrosting work onsite.

Wintertime makes a lot of jobs harder, and contents removal is definitely one of them. This is a challenge we’re used to facing, though, and we never let our clients down. If you’re looking at a serious case of home damage during the winter months, make sure your restoration company understands how to handle your possessions in the cold.

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