Diagnosing How Severely Your Home Has Been Effected by Fire Damage

Fire damage comes in a surprising number of forms. Not only do you have to account for the items throughout your home that have been burned beyond recognition, but you also have to consider the impact that firefighting efforts and the resulting soot and ash will have on any remaining goods. Working with a reputable fire restoration company in Monroe OH is often the best way to get an accurate assessment of your overall loss.


The Importance Of Taking Fast Action

A home fire can leave you feeling numb and out of sorts. Rather than letting time pass while you deal with the shock of this event, however, it is important to contact a fire restoration company right away. Timely treatment after a fire can help mitigate many of the resulting problems. After a fire in your home, you’ll have to deal with:

  • Burned items that are beyond repair
  • Standing bodies of water in the home from firefighting efforts
  • Ash and soot that will cause further damage to all exposed surfaces
  • Structural concerns
  • Electrical concerns

While the fire marshal will have to clear your home for entry, a Monroe OH water damage restoration company can conduct further inspections to identify all areas that have been made structurally weak by this event. With standing bodies of water and damaged appliances, there is always the risk of electrocution. This makes it vital for homeowners to have seasoned professionals take initial tours of their homes before going in themselves.

Smoke Damage

Smoke is not just a health threat during and immediately after a fire event. Once the fire has been put out and the air has cleared, smoke can still pose a number of health hazards given the harmful chemicals it contains and the impact that it can have on respiratory functioning. Although all affected rooms throughout the home may not appear to be smoke-filled, they are still filled with toxic smoke residues fumes and should therefore be entered with care. Smoke and fire damage restoration experts can assess all of your belongings that have been impacted by smoke fumes and can determine which of these items are salvageable with the proper cleaning treatments.

Ash And Soot

There may be a number of items throughout fire-ravaged homes that have not been directly touched by flames. In addition to considering the smoke residues that are on these, it is also necessary to account for the airborne ash that has settled upon them. Ash is highly acidic and can eat through veneers and cause discoloration among other issues. The removal of ash after a home fire requires special treatments as does the removal of dark, inky soot. Much like smoke residues, these substances contain chemical contaminants from burned items and should not be handled in a way that requires direct skin contact.

Damage Assessment

Before starting work in your home, your Monroe OH fire restoration company will take a comprehensive tour of your property. These professionals will identify and mark all areas of structural weakness, tag non-salvageable items for future removal and disposal and notify you of any goods that can be preserved through proper restorative treatments. You’ll then be given a detailed restoration plan that addresses all of the areas and items that have been affected by fire throughout your home.

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