Reversing Fire Damage to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value


Reversing fire damage in a home is possible if several important steps are followed. In Toledo OH, there are many companies that specialize in restoration services, so you won’t have any issues improving your house’s resale value.


Restoration businesses in Toledo that assist locals following dramatic events offer emergency services. This means that a crew will visit your home quickly if you’d like to begin the renovation process immediately. If you haven’t selected a company yet, any organization that provides prompt services is highly recommended. When restoration tasks are delayed, smoke and ashes may ruin other areas on your property over time.

During the inspection phase, strategic procedures will be implemented in order to determine how much work needs to be done. In most situations, a crew will check the:

  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Flooring
  • Furniture

After everything has been thoroughly examined, the specialists will provide an accurate quote. Most companies calculate their estimates based on the number of hours that are required to complete a project.

Seal Affected Areas

burned-roofSince smoke and water can quickly reach multiple areas in a home, you can’t tackle any renovation tasks until various locations are properly sealed. For example, if it rains a lot in your neighborhood, a Toledo restoration expert will put a tarp on your roof if there are gaps in the foundation. Because fires can often damage plumbing throughout a home, you’ll benefit from working with a company that specializes in fire and water restoration.

Clean the Spaces

At this point, the fire recovery specialists will help you clean the home by removing soot, smoke, and dust. Typically, once all of the debris is hauled away, most of the surfaces will appear charred or severely stained. You won’t have to buy special cleansers in order to restore these surfaces because the fire damage recovery crew will handle everything. All restoration crews have a goal, which is to make a home look like it did before a fire occurred.

Recovery technicians in Toledo who clean homes for locals use strong products to eliminate lingering odors. The commercial-grade cleaning solutions are designed for:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Large and small spaces

If certain items have major damage, a crew will get rid of them in an environmentally friendly manner. Usually, the technicians will throw away furniture pieces that have absorbed toxic water or carpeting that has severe burns.

Restore Items in the Home

During the final phase of the restoration process, you must decide whether or not certain items should be repaired or replaced. For example, if a cabinet is only faded and bruised, you can probably save money by repairing it. However, if your wallpaper or carpeting is burnt in numerous spots, buying a replacement may be the best option.

Overall, you can make your home in Toledo OH valuable again after fire ruins it. To achieve fast and efficient results, considering working with a company that offers restoration and renovation services. Once the recovery technicians prep the home, the renovation crew will redesign the affected spaces so that they’ll look like new.

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