The Five Most Common Causes of Household Fires

Household fires are some of the most devastating events that one can suffer. These life wrecking incidents happen more than 300,000 times every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Such fires often succeed in putting people out of house and home even when they do not harm anyone physically. The following are the five most common things that cause them:

House Fire

Heater Defeaters

One of the most common causes of household fires is the misuse of heaters. Space heaters and old-school cast iron radiators tend to get extremely hot. In fact, they get so hot they can cause severe burns just from short-term exposure to them. People often underestimate these space heaters by putting them close to clothing, linens and other flammable materials. A fire can start from a space heater incident within minutes, and the homeowner or apartment renter can lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Cooking Breaks

Cooking accidents are another huge culprit in the world of the house fires. Cooking fires often start because people walk away from their ovens while they are preparing greasy foods. The grease jumps up and hits the burners. Fire breaks out in no time. Another problem that sometimes adds to the misfortune is the lack of appropriate fire extinguishers and knowledge of how to stop a stove-top fire. Some methods that people use (pouring water on stove, etc.) make the fires worse instead of better.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are additional high-ranked causes of house fires. Electrical problems may include faulty wiring and overloaded wiring. Fires can break out when electronics have frayed wires or exposed wires sit underneath a rug or carpet. Loading up an extension cord can invite a fire into the person’s home, as well. Consumers have to ensure that they do not have too much going on with their wiring.

Reckless Smoking Habits

Some people cause fires because of their smoking habits. One of the most common cigarette-induced house fires is the one that occurs when the smoker falls asleep. The cigarettes falls out of the person’s hand and lands on something flammable. Fires can ignite when people put out their cigarettes in a poor ash tray substitute, as well. To keep the home safe, smokers should smoke outside and at times when they are alert and refreshed.

Inappropriate Candle and Decoration Handling

Other common causes of house fires are improper holiday decorations and candle management. Many Christmas trees catch fire and burn down homes because the homeowners do not hand them safely. People also leave candles lit after they fall asleep, and do not always have the candles in a safe place.

Toledo residents can help prevent fire damage by staying vigilant about the above stated issues. However, victims can still contact a reliable Toledo OH fire damage restoration company to come to the rescue if they do suffer the effects of a fire issue. The damage restoration company can help to return the dwelling as it was before the disaster. Victims can schedule an appointment for the quote by calling the dedicated Toledo OH number.

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