The Most Common Sources of Home Fire Damage by Homeowners

There are several common sources of fire damage in a home, most commonly:

Fire Damage• Smoke
• Flames
• Odor
• Soot
• Grease
• Charred materials
• Moisture from fire hoses or sprinkler systems

Here are a few of the most common causes of home fires:

One: Kitchen Fires

Fires in homes often begin in kitchens near stovetops, ovens or microwaves. The people living in a home may forget to turn off a burner after preparing a meal, leading to a pan overheating and melting. Alternatively, someone might fry something in cooking oil only to have the oil begin to flame, causing a fire to spread to countertops. If a kitchen has curtains or draperies near a stovetop, then the wind from outside an open window might blow the fabric over a hot burner, leading to a fire. Kitchen fires cause multiple types of problems with greasy soot, chemical odors and thick smoke. When a restoration company is contacted to perform cleaning for a kitchen fire, the technicians must use an assortment of equipment such as industrial-strength fans to suction smoke from a home and scrubbing machines to remove greasy soot from walls and ceilings.

Two: Space Heaters

There are several types of space heaters available that use different energy sources such as electricity or heating oil, but these items are dangerous when not used correctly. Most space heater fires occur because the items are too close to something or are covered accidentally with blankets or clothing. A space heater can explode, overheat or shoot sparks, leading to a fire that burns wall-to-wall carpets, floors and drywall. A space heater fire will spread quickly, and a fire damage restoration team must remove charred materials properly according to health and safety codes. After damaged materials are removed, technicians will scrub away soot and use ozone machines to remove foul chemical odors.

Three: Unattended Burning Candles

Today, most homes have fragrant candles in many rooms, but when a burning candle is left unattended, a fire frequently occurs in Toledo OH. Candles cause fires by falling over as the wax melts or because pets bump against the item accidentally. Within 30 seconds, the flames from an unattended candle can overtake a room, leading to smoke, charred fabrics and strong odors as objects melt. Restoration companies have the tools and equipment necessary to suction the water from fire hoses, rip away damaged carpet and absorb smoke odors.

Four: Smoking in Bed

Smoking cigarettes while in bed is a dangerous habit that often leads to a fire inside a home’s bedroom. A cigarette will burn through bedding and a mattress causing a strong chemical odor from melting cushioning materials. The smoke from this type of fire travels through a home’s vents to create sooty debris throughout a building. Unfortunately, this type of fire also frequently leads to fatalities because people were sleeping in the bedroom where the fire started. Our fire damage remediation team must removed damaged objects, wash walls and suction smoke from throughout the structure.

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