Five Long-Term Issues With Home Smoke Damage

Although a fire can devastate a home, many people are completely unaware that there are a host of long term damages that can affect your home in the future, which may be undetectable to the eye. Despite the fact that you may think the home is fully repaired, as far as cosmetic damages go, it is important to be aware that other problems may exist. Here are some potential long term smoke damages to a home, which may come after a house experiences a fire.

Fire Damage

Mold and Mildew
*The fact that most fires are put out with a large volume of water means that a ton of moisture may end up getting trapped in the walls. This can easily lead to a large scale mold problem, which can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. If left undetected, every person that lives in the home and is breathing the air on a regular basis will be at risk of developing health problems.

Smoke Odor
*During a fire, smoke can spread to various cooler areas of the home that may not be easily accessible, which can then harbor a smell that is likely to linger around for a very long time. This may lead people in the home to smell smoke, regardless of clearing out any items in the house, changing the carpet, and changing the wall paper.

HVAC Problems
*When there is a fire, you can bet that particles from the fire and smoke are going to get stuck in the vents and in the HVAC unit. After the fire is put out and the home is restored, these particles will likely still be there and will get dispersed to the home, which will inevitably then be breathed in by the people living in the home. This can cause health problems, so it is important to get your HVAC unit cleaned.

Health Concerns
*There are a host of health problems and allergic reactions that individuals living in a home after a fire can experience, which may be unattributed to the smoke damage, leaving a person suffering, often for a long period of time.

Lowering of Home Value
*If you do not take care of every aspect of fixing your home after a fire, there is no question that the overall value of the home is likely to drop in value. Because of this, it is very important that you take every piece of the equation into consideration and make sure you get every aspect of the smoke damage fixed. This can best be addressed by a qualified damage restoration company, so the best course of action is always to get your home inspected.

*Finding the right company is very important, as you are going to want to find a business that is known as being an honest company that provides quality work. Doing an online search should turn up a handful of results. If you live in Toledo OH, you would want to do a search for damage restoration companies in general Toledo OH area, and simply apply this to any city where you reside.

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