Five Long Term Effects of Home Water Damage

Five Long Term Effects of Home Water Damage

There are different events that cause water-damage in a home. They range from flooding and heavy rain to broken pipes and plumbing fixtures that get clogged. Irrespective of the cause, water-damage has long term effects in a home. Knowing these effects can assist you know the importance of water damage restoration.

Flood House
Warped wood components

It is common for people to assume that water damage can be handled by drying the affected areas. This is a short term solution that may seem effective. However, this is not the case. If you live in a home that has wood components, they may become warped as a result of the water-damage. To ensure that such components maintain their original condition, you should consult a professional restoration service. They will have the necessary expertise and tools to restore your wood components to their original condition.
Discoloration of materials

Water has different effects on different materials. Some materials may not be affected due to their high resistance to water. Others such as carpets may experience discoloration over time. Most individuals dry their carpets after they have been submerged with water by hanging them outside to dry. If you live in Toledo OH, you will need to engage the services of a carpet restoration service if you want your carpet to maintain its color. The same company should be able to do the same for your dry wall and any other areas that may have been affected by water.
Contaminated structure

The structure of a home is at high risk of being contaminated as a result of damage from water. A contaminated structure is a very serious issue in a home. To begin with, contamination may compromise the strength of the structure. This means that your house will not be able to withstand extreme weather. In the long run, the building may collapse. Experts should be consulted to ensure the integrity of a building’s structure has not been compromised by water.
Mold development

Mold is one of the issues that can cause serious health complications when not addressed. Additionally, mold can damage furniture such as sofa sets, carpets and curtains. As a home owner, you may not know if mold is developing in your house. This is why it is crucial to consult with professionals in your locality to assess mold development after a water crisis. They will know the areas to look for mold and signs that show development of mold. The company will also be able to find appropriate solutions for your specific situation.
Strong odor

After a water incident such as flooding in a home, many areas of the house will be affected. It is not easy for you to address all these areas. One of the long term effects of such a scenario is bad odor. This may come from areas that were not dried properly after the flooding. The only way to handle such a situation is finding an experienced water-damage restoration company in Toledo OH.


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