Five Odors Which Homeowners Cannot Remove Themselves

Many homeowners may recognize that there are some things they can do on their own. Fixing small leaks and painting the cabinets are easy fixes, but odor control is one that is more difficult. Homeowners in Toledo OH will need to find someone to do the job for them with these five odors.


One of the smelliest, and most disturbing, odors a homeowner can come across is urine. The urine can be human or animal, but it is something that will likely always linger unless professional odor elimination is performed. Due to the various smells that urine can emit, it can be difficult for homeowners to pinpoint what the odor is, but it is important that a professional remove this smell to increase the quality of life as well as chance of a sale in a home.

Pet Odors
We understand, pet’s are the best furry companions. What isn’t the best about pets is the odor that sometimes accompanies them. Even the best behaved pet will have the occasional accident. While you may thing that the industrial cleaner and mop got it out, the odor can sometimes sink into the floors. Pets are also responsible for odors that can be present in carpet due to the smells that will linger in their fur. Toledo OH homeowners will be able to rest easy with their pets knowing that the odor doesn’t have to last forever, as long as they don’t try to get rid of it themselves.

Mildew can happen in even the most well ventilated homes. No matter how many times you vent your bathroom, you hang up your towels and you make sure you get your laundry to the washer right away, you may end up with some amount of mildew. This substance has a distinct odor that is very difficult to remove and can be sickening. It’s best to call a professional for mildew odor removal.

Along with the many health issues that accompany mold, the smell can be overwhelming. While it is important to first get rid of the mold, it is also important to get rid of the smell. The lingering smell after complete removal is not harmful, but it can be difficult to live with on a daily basis. A homeowner’s first step is to get rid of the mold which could be killing you. The second step is to get rid of the smell, which could be killing your chances of selling the home.

When there has been a fire in the home, the way that the home functions can completely change. There are many issues that can be caused as a result of even a small fire, but odor control is one of the things that many people overlook. A fire can cause a home to smell charred and it is important to hire a professional to remove the burnt smell.

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