Five Tips for Minimizing Water Damage to Your Home

Home water damage can destroy walls, floors and other parts of a house. Homes in Toledo OH might even be more prone due to cold winters and the possibility of freezing pipes. Following a few smart tips helps to prevent possible water damage to your home.


Check Connections to Any Water Outlet

Routinely check connections to all of the water sources in your home. Toilets,sinks and washing machine hoses and water outlet pipes should be checked periodically to ensure they are not damaged and are well connected. Even a slow leak from a sink pipe can do damage to a home’s interior. Also check connections to the water heater and ensure that it is not leaking.

Ensure Inside Cut Off Valves Are in Working Condition

Check all inside water turn off outlets. Age, rust and just plane roughness, sometimes damages water cut off valves. Find all the valves to toilets, sinks, and any other water source. Try the valves to make sure they are working and that all family members know how to cut them off. Replace any damaged valves to ensure proper functioning.

Check Outside Water Cut Off Sites

In the event that inside water sources can not be turned off, know in advance where the outside water cut off location is. Some homes have an outside valve that turns off all water supply to a home. Other homes require a public official to access water cut off sites. If your cut off valve is not accessible, almost all public work departments have a 24 hour emergency number. Have this number handy in case water needs to be disconnected from the city water main. Post the number so all family members have access to it.

Check Rain and Water Gutters

Not all water comes from inside sources. A broken, missing or ill fitting water gutter or drain pipe allows roof and possible wall damage. When water is not being forced away from the home, it seeps into walls causing damage, mold and possible mildew. Routinly check all gutters and clean them out. This ensures that water flows away from the home. In addition, make sure that the water is drained away from the house. This might ential placing drain pipes to take water away from the foundation.

Replace Water Heater Per Manufacturer’s Instructions

As mentioned, routinely check the water heater for any leaks or loose connections. Also check the manufacturer’s warrenty and instructions for servicing and replacing the heater. Water tanks can last anywhere from a few years to 15,depending on the brand and quality. Ensure that you replace yours before it causes damage.

If your home does suffer water damage, we are one of the most reputable home restoration companies in the Toledo Oh area. Careful planning cuts down on any unwanted water in a home but if not, give us a call and we will work with you to restore your house to its pre water condition!

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