How to Avoid Wind Damage to Your Home

You never know when extreme winds will damage your home. In the Toledo OH area severe and damaging winds can be brought on by tornadoes and even thunderstorms. The harsh winds brought on by these storms can cause serious and lasting damage to you home and property. Don’t hesitate with this important matter, take measures to protect your family and your home from extreme winds.


Wind speeds during storms can change direction and fluctuate, often putting enormous pressure on all parts of your home. The best way to protect your home from high speed winds is to seal the outside of your home and prevent the wind from entering your home. Winds often carry with them debris, which may also penetrate your home. Your home may be safeguarded from these threats with just a few simple steps.

1)From top to bottom there are easy steps you can take to help safeguard your home against wind damage. One of the easiest things you can do to protect your roof is to make sure your shingles are secured properly. There should be at least six to eight staples or nails holding each shingle in place. The nails should appear beneath the overlapped edge of the shingle.

2)Metal siding and roofing can be torn away, creating a scenario where high speed winds can enter your home. To ensure your home is securely sealed, your home’s metal roofing and siding should be secured to the frame. Metal caps should run along the edge of all siding, ensuring that the wind cannot enter beneath the siding.

3) Your homes windows and doors can be one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. High speed winds can easily penetrate your homes windows or blow open your homes doors, if not wind-proofed.

One of the easiest ways to protect your windows is by installing wind shutters. Wind shutters can seal your home at its most vulnerable point, protecting your home from the possibility of projectiles and shattered glass. Another option, for those who prefer a more bare window, is purchasing your home pressure or impact-rated windows. These windows not only protect your home from wind damage but they also improve the structural stability of your home.

Doors within your home can be secured with heavy-duty bolts. These bolts should replace your homes current bolts. Most home manufacturer standards do not include door bolts that can withstand high winds. pressure or impact-rated doors may also be available, offering your home additional protection from damaging winds. Outfacing doors should be be installed to open outwards, reducing the chance of the wind blowing the door open and allowing damaging winds to enter your home.

4) A very important and commonly overlooked weakness is your homes garage door. Reinforcing your garage door can protect your home and its very structure from the destructive force of high winds. During a storm winds can blow off the door to the garage opening up your entire home to the devastation of high winds.

5)The trees surrounding your home can fall during storms with high and damaging winds. Remove any trees that are too close to your home. Trees should be located far enough away from your home to ensure that if they fall they will not be able to land on your home.

6)Secure any possible projectiles within your yard. Sheds and outbuildings surrounding your home can be secured with straps and anchors if they do not have a permanent foundation. Smaller objects may be moved inside the home if you have reason to believe that your home with be subject to high winds.

From the very top of your house to the perimeter of your yard, these are the steps you cam take to protect your home from the property damage so often caused by harsh and damaging winds. In Toledo OH damaging winds can be produced from tornadoes or even severe thunderstorms. Wind-proofing your home is the best way to protect your home from damage. Preventative measures, such as these, can often be simple and easy to implement. Take a look around your home, and ask yourself if your home is following these simple wind-proofing guidelines.

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