Is Your Home in Need of Mold Remediation?

Is Your Home in Need of Mold Remediation?

There are companies in Toledo, OH that deal in mold remediation. Mold is hardly ever noticeable due to its inconspicuous nature. Mold exists in fine powder-like form (spores) that can easily be dismissed as dust. These mold spores are mostly found in the dust that collects in our spaces be it our homes or offices. These organisms are potentially harmful to persons with allergic reactions because they produce toxins that act as triggers to the following health effects:
Water Damaged Ceiling

• Itchy eyes

• Respiratory infections

• Throat irritation

• Skin irritation and

• Headaches

Exposure to mold for a prolonged period of time can be particularly harmful to asthmatic people and young kids. It can even lead to the development of breathing problems in children because at this age their respiratory system is not fully grown and cannot therefore fight the toxins.

Suspect places

Mold can grow either inside or outside the house. The conditions that they need to grow and survive are moisture and warm temperatures. Since the outdoors are more prone to mold, the most likely scenario is that the mold spores are blown into the house by the wind through spaces like air ducts. There are other factors though that could lead to the growth of mold inside the house. This includes surfaces that are not well dried, leakages in the roof and faulty plumbing systems. Another suspect place for mold growth is under floor carpets. The fluffy carpets are warm and can cause the floor below them to sweat creating a moist environment that mold thrive in. Visual identification of mold can be done as it causes greenish discoloration on the surfaces they grow on.

Mold remediation process

1. Assessment

The first thing that a mold remediation company will do when contacted is to assess if there is mold in the premises and the extent to which it has spread. At this stage, if the mold can be visually identified by spotting greenish stains on walls, then there will be no need for a sampling test to be conducted. This usually occurs in situations when the strain of the mold is black. Identification is done by extensively checking the suspect places mentioned above. It is, however, advised to conduct sampling of the mold spores if there is an asthmatic person in the house. There are a number of laboratories in Toledo, OH that have been accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association to conduct testing.

2. Remediation

Mold spreads over a surface it grows on within the first forty eight hours of germination. Owing to this, the best and quickest remedy is undoubtedly getting rid of the water source that is supplying moisture to the mold spores. This involves regular wet cleaning with the use of household detergents, sealing of leaking roofs and walls and restoration of drainage pipes. Some companies even offer fabric restoration services in the case of contamination of carpets and seats. Humidity regulation is also done to levels that do not support mold growth.

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