Which Type of Environment Home Damage is Most Severe?

Water is one of the most volatile substances, and finding it lurking in your walls or ceiling can be a frustrating experience. In fact, water damage is one of the leading causes of home insurance claims in the United States and occurs more frequently than fire and hail. The best way to protect your property is by understanding the risks and requesting water removal service at the first sign of trouble.

Assessing Water Damage in Your Home

Rain is not the only way moisture can infiltrate your residence. It can strike wherever plumbing is located within the house, putting virtually every area at risk. However, once restoration specialists have confirmed the presence of water damage, the amount of deterioration can be assessed by checking to see how much water has flowed and whether it has penetrated into the walls, furniture, and flooring. The most significant damage will have occurred in areas with the most substantial porosity, and therefore the highest susceptibility to seepage.

Areas that contain mostly sheetrock and wood face a much greater risk than those that don’t, but moisture can also damage your home’s foundation if it is allowed to remain for long periods of time. During colder months, water that settles into the pores of concrete found in the basement or crawl space freezes and expands, causing dangerous cavities that weaken the foundation.

Safeguarding Your Home Against Mold

moldWater damage costs homeowners billions of dollars each year. Some have accumulated thousands in potential water removal and repairs before they realize their homes have begun to deteriorate. Unfortunately, people tend to underestimate the detriment of corrosion from moisture-induced mold, unaware that it can pop up wherever layers of humidity are allowed to settle.

Moisture and dampness from air conditioners can foster environments conducive to mold, which not only causes discoloration, but also severe structural damage. Mold can appear as early as 48 hours, which means your property is at risk almost immediately after water finds its way into the floor and walls. For these reason, water removal and repair, at the source of the leak, may not be enough. A restoration specialist should always thoroughly inspect the entire area for evidence of decay.

Flood Damage

Of all the natural disasters that occur in the United States, floods are the most common, having been the culprit in billions of dollars in insurance claims during the past decade. The most destructive floods can render a home unlivable, but even the mildest can create serious problems.

Contacting a restoration specialist is the best way to ensure you aren’t leaving corrosion to spread unnoticed, and any water removal expert will explain that your best defense is taking immediate action. Trained experts use specialized equipment to find damage that may otherwise go undetected. Services generally include a thorough, professional drying process and sanitizing, which prevents any further ruin. Most importantly, any infected drywall or flooring can be properly replaced. In the end, the only thing that matters is reclaiming peace of mind.

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