Odor Control

Odor Control

Fires, floods, leaky roofs and pets are a few of the culprits in terms of the origins of these bothersome odors, and eliminating these odors can be troublesome and should be left to the professionals such as American Builders. Removal and control of unwanted odors requires a variety of professional products, systems and specialty equipment. In the case of severe odors, often more than one treatment is needed to completely remove the odor. Our odor control service naturally eliminates odors, rather than cover them up. Removal of severe odors from fire and smoke damage requires a variety of professional products, systems and specialty equipment.

odor-control-storyExperience has taught us that there are three general approaches to developing an odor control program: elimination of the odor source, elimination of the odor perception, and treatment of the odor. Eliminate Odors and create a fresh air scent with our commercial and industrial odor control systems. Our odor control systems will neutralize odors and provide diffuser fragrances for even the most unpleasant or hazardous scents.

While many products only mask odors with strong scents, American Builders odor control actually neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to our sense of smell. Our odor control services provide immediate odor control services for fire and water damaged facilities. With our state of the art equipment and vast source of knowledge, initial response will effectively cure odor regardless of the size or scope of your project.

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