Five Signs You May Need Professional Odor Control Remediation

Smells can be a fulfilling part of the human experience—until you get a foul or nagging smell in your house and you struggle to eliminate it. It can be embarrassing. Even worse, you could be harming the health of everyone in your household. Luckily, if you live near Toledo OH, you have professional odor control options. Here are some indications that it may be time to call in the professionals:

odor-control-story1. You have constant indoor allergies, regardless of how much you clean your house.

Those odors you have become nose-blind to, may be signs of an underlying mold issue. If your cleaning isn’t solving the problem, or if you can’t find the source, it’s time to call in the professionals. They are trained to find sources such as mold and water damage that are not always easy to find for the untrained eye.

2. Your pets are frequently getting ear infections.

Being closer to the ground, your furry friends may have the closest contact with the contaminants that are causing those smells. Of course, they could also be the cause of the problem too. Carpets can hold in odor, mites, and fecal or urine stains. Spray carpet cleaners for stains are a start, but often they do not clean past the outermost fibers.

3. You start to notice your clothes smell musty or dirty when on extended stays from your house.

If you are commuting every day from Akron to Toledo, Ohio and working an 8 hour shift, you have plenty of time for your nose to start picking up those odors again. You may be sitting at your desk thinking, “Is that me? Did I wash this?” If you answered yes to both of these questions, then your clothes likely absorbed the smell in your house.

4. No matter how much you clean your floors, they are still stained.

Those stains are a sign that your carpet is still holding on to the past—whether it was that plate of spaghetti or the day your dog got sick. Ideally, replacing your carpet would remove the problem. Not only is that a drastic action that can be a very costly operation, there is a lot of time and planning involved. Professionals can often remedy the problem for a fraction of the cost.

5. Friends and family mention the smell in your house or on your clothes.

This can catch you off guard and be incredibly embarrassing. It’s easier when you know the smell is there and are already apologizing or spraying perfume, but if you aren’t smelling it because you have been dealing with it for so long, you likely need some help controlling the situation.

If you are having odor issues in your house, stop trying to cover it up. Stop being embarrassed about what you think others are smelling around you. There are options out there and Toledo OH has professionals who are experienced in remediation techniques. Professionals not only are trained and experienced with finding what is causing the odor, they also can take odor control actions to fix and stop the source.

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