Preparing Your Home for Hail Damage This Winter

There are millions of insurance claims that are being filed for the destruction that hail has caused to homes during the winter season. Toledo OH is prone to at least one or more major hailstorms each year. The sizes of the hailstones have been reported to be 1 inch or more in diameter. In comparison to other parts of the United States, Toledo residents have experienced more of a financial burden regarding the repair costs associated with these storms. Many times the destruction goes unsuspected until a major problem like a leak is discovered. Frequent storms can cause catastrophic damage to windows, shingles, gutters and any exterior part of the home. There are several steps that can be taken to minimize the repairs needed after a storm.

Big Hail

1. Exterior Wind Shutters for Windows
Some homes have regular shutters on them just for decoration purposes only. The wind shutters protect the exterior part of the windows from getting hit by the hailstones. It is less expensive to replace the shutter instead of having to purchase a brand new window.

2. Installing Impact Rated Windows
The newer homes normally have the double-paned windows installed during the construction stage. These windows are durable but when hail is the size of a quarter or larger, the window will definitely sustain some type of damage. There is added protection with he impact rated window due to the glass being reinforced to withstand greater pressure than the normal window.

3. Use Durable Siding
Vinyl siding may be cost effective but it is not enough protection from severe storms. Some tiles might need to be replaced after each storm. Aluminum siding is one the strongest types of siding that can be used. The hail damage will be minimal and the siding will last for years.

4. Use UL Class 3 or 4 Impact Resistance Shingles for the Roof
There are so many types of shingles on the market now. It may be hard to choose the correct one. A class 3 or 4 that is impact resistant is the one that should be used in areas that experience hailstorms on a consistent basis. Asphalt may be the best type of tile that should be used because it is available in class 4 which provides the best storm protection.

5. Contact a Home Damage Restoration Service if Repairs are Needed After Hail Damage
It may seem to be cost effective at first to make the storm damage repairs without the help of a professional contractor. This may not be the best route to go. Hailstorm damage may not be evident to the homeowner, but a professional has the ability to check in areas of the home for unseen trouble. Do not incur the same expense each year after a storm. If the proper precautionary measures are taken, it will decrease the amount of money that will be spent for repairs. Impact resistant windows, shingles and siding will make life more bearable during the storm season in Toledo OH.

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