Preventing Hail Damage to Your Home This Winter

Winter is a welcome break from the sweltering summer. It comes fraught with its dangers. And the risk of a hail storm looms high. Hail has the potential to cause a lot of damage to your home and pocket this winter. Hailstorms cause a staggering 45% of roof damages. In 2012 alone, hailstorms destroyed property valued at $ 4 billion. Toledo OH is a high occurrence area. Hail occurs without warning and gives a little time for reaction. You need to ensure you sheltered in a hail storm-proof home this winter. Only advance protection will keep you and your family safe.

Big Hail


To prevent damage, you need to take certain steps to prepare beforehand. These include:

  1. Ensure your trees and shrubs around your house are well trimmed. Cut all loose branches that can easily be turned into projectiles in hailstorms. Falling branches do cause lots of unnecessary damages.
  2. Ensure you have an impact resistant roof covering if you live in hailstorm prone areas like Toledo OH.
  3. Install wind shatters that completely cover windows and door glass spaces during hail storms.
  4. Have impact proof windows. These not only protect against hailstorms but also increase the structural rigidity of the house.
  5. Move vehicles, boats, lawn mowers, etc. into covered packings. Garages can save you a lot of hustles especially in Toledo OH.
  6. Move Patio and Lawn furniture indoors. They can quickly be turned into flying debris causing a lot of damage.
  7. Get an insurance cover for any damages that may arise. Choose the insurance company wisely.
  8. Learn how to detect an upcoming hailstorm. Some of the common characteristics include dark clouds, strong winds and heavy rainfall.
  9. Subscribe to periodic weather updates.
  10. Ensure your animals have adequate protection.
  11. Have an emergency kit.
  12. Clean up the gutter and rooftop ensures water has a good drainage. You don’t want a creaking roof in a hailstorm. The water can also create its damages in addition to the hail damage.



When it strikes, make sure everyone is safe. Also, ensure the safety of your pets. Tightly close all the windows and doors. Make sure there is no leakage. Have emergency contacts including helpline with you nearby.



  1. Survey the hail damage. Carefully and methodologically check the windows, gutters and roof for damage. Don’t climb the roof; call the home repair companies for that.
  2. Protect your damages. Carefully document any damages and photograph them
  3. Call your insurer and fill out an insurance claim for any damage incurred.
  4. Look for a repair company to help with the damage. The company should have the expertise and experience in such tasks. Save all the receipts of the repair process as you will certainly need them.

Protecting your home against damage is critical. Protection is always the best medicine.


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