Professional Reconstruction Services for Your Home

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Toledo OH is known for severe weather extremes, and living here can be an adventure. During the winter months, snow can fall by the feet and cause pipes to freeze and bust. In the spring, the abundance of rain can cause flooding and wreak havoc on basements and leave mold and mildew behind. Then there’s the severe storms and tornados during seasonal changes. With all of these possible weather events, then adding the chance occurrences in everyday life, it’s important to have a restoration team that can help in close proximity. Don’t just trust anyone with your home, only trust a licensed and bonded contractor with experience in the restoration industry.

Why You Need a Dependable Restoration Contractor

You go about your life and pray for safety and no issues, but trouble usually strikes when you least expect it. When disaster happens, you need fast results. If you have been put out of your home due to a disaster, or you are only able to inhabit part of it, we can help. Based out of Toledo OH, our reconstruction services can help get your back into your home and on with your life in no time.

It’s Not Always What You See….But Often What You Don’t

The problem with a disaster such as a flood is the problems that you don’t see. When there is excessive moisture, it can cause mold back in the walls. Oftentimes, the drywall or plaster needs to be removed. Mold can be dangerous and can cause health problems to those who are sensitive to it. It is like an infection and once it starts it eats away at the surfaces it touches, It destroys it. Mold can be a costly problem, but when it is caught in time, restoration specialists can clean it up without going to elaborate measures. If you have had a water leak, don’t wait till it’s too late to deal with these issues, we can help.

Saving What We Can, We Have Your Budget In Mind!

We know that money is an issue for most everyone, which is why we try to salvage what we can. If the tile flooring or carpet can be saved, we will ensure that it is. We try to use and re-use everything that is possible. If we can’t save it safely, we tell you up front. We will work with your insurance company to provide you quality replacements to ensure your home is intact. If you prefer to do a self-pay and avoid the insurance hassle, we can quote you a fair price that won’t break the bank.

Rest Assured Our Reconstruction Services Have You Covered

You want to know that once the work is done that your home is safe. We hire experts in the field who are knowledgeable about restorative work. They know how to spot potential problems that are out of sight. Don’t just trust anyone with your home, look to the one’s with an established reputation in the business. We are the ones to call first and to ensure that things are handled in an efficient manner.

If your home has been damaged by fire, wind, water or lightning call American Builders today.

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