Professional Services to Help You Recover After Your Home Experiences Storm Damage

While storm damage can be devastating, quick action will always function as reprieve to the homeowner and provide a sense of comfort to an already shocking situation. Seeking the services of a company with the adequate experience and necessary equipment is essential to jumping back to normal again. You will need assurance about the kind of people you entrust with restoration services, hence going for our company will be of great significance for you. We have been offering storm damage restoration services in Monroe OH for long enough to assure you of great quality work once you choose us.


As an experienced service provider, we advise our clients to take the following immediate actions as soon as possible while waiting for our company.

Turn off the electricity

It is paramount that you switch off the electricity once storm destruction occurs. It might save a life as electricity and water are natural enemies.

Turn the water supply off

With large volumes of water flooded in your compound, you need to reduce further damage by reducing the water flow into the existing situation so that drying will be easier.

Turn off gas supply

Reduce the risk of fire outbreak by switching off the gas supply to your house. A spark may ignite a fire in case there is storm destruction.

Once this is done, our professionals will be ready at your door step to help you move forward smoothly by offering storm damage restoration services. Some of the services you are likely to get from us include:


Our professionals will arrive at your home armed with equipment necessary to remove all debris that is caused by water damage from your house. The debris needs to be removed with care as it could lead to more damage to your home appliances in the long run.


Once all debris has been removed from the house, our qualified personnel will oversee the drying of your house. We have the latest and technologically advanced dehumidifiers and fans which will leave your home as dry as before. Documents that could be water soaked are carefully dried to prevent damage. We also offer air quality testing to leave the ambiance of your house as original as possible.

Damage estimation and survey

In the event of a storm, total or partial damage that requires reconstruction cannot be ruled out. Our company has qualified damage estimators who survey your property and give detailed information, and if need be, we recommend reconstruction. Your insurance company will be served with the results, and we will work with them on your behalf to reach an agreement on the cost of repairs.


Our company has been offering restoration services in Monroe OH for quite a long time. We provide reconstruction services to your home and oversee repairs to the last detail. This is orchestrated carefully as it will impact on the overall customer satisfaction. The final part is where you will sign a certificate of achievement for the insurance company to release the final payments.

Feel free to call us anytime you cross paths with the unfortunate natural occurrences, and we will help you recover in no time and move back to your house.




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