Protect Your Home From Wind Damage This Fall

If you live in northwest Ohio, particularly in the Toledo OH area, then you know that wind damage during the fall is a serious problem. Falling leaves in autumn can be beautiful, but damage to a roof or from a large tree limb is not a pretty sight.


While your homeowner’s insurance may help cover the cost of damage from wind, there will still be financial consequences including paying deductibles and the possibility of higher premiums in the future. Even worse, you may live in an area where wind damage exceptions are common on homeowner policies. Such areas include hurricane-prone regions and regions subject to tornadoes such as the Midwest, like Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Add in areas whose weather is affected by the Great Lakes, such as Toledo OH and Chicago IL and that policy may not help much.

There are steps a homeowner can take to reduce or avoid the amount of damage that occurs during a wind storm.

Identify Weak Spots
Certain areas of your home are more prone to wind damage than others. Those areas include:
1. the roof of the house or other large structures
2. doors and windows
3. garage doors
4. fencing
5. trees and large shrubs
6. loose shutters or decorative pieces that can be lifted and blown in to the side of a house or through a window.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst
To protect your home against wind storm damage during the fall, start preparing during the summer.

Inspect your roof regularly.
Maintain and inspect your roof on a regular basis to ensure there are no loose shingles or compromised areas that would give way during a high wind.

Check seals around windows and doors.
Be sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed. Windows that rattle in average wind speeds will be more likely to break in the high winds of fall.

Repair loose fencing.
Make sure all portions of property fencing are secured, with no holes or gaps that could cause the fence to become a flying panel during a wind storm.

Keep trees and large shrubs trimmed.
Trim tree branches that appear to be dead or compromised so they don’t become projectiles and cause damage to homes or cars.

Secure shutters before fall hits.
While checking out that roof, take a look at shutters around the house to make sure they are not banging against the house or against the window itself.

Bring in decorative pieces that could be caught in the wind.
Trade out summer outdoor decor and furniture before fall arrives to save wear and tear on those items, and on the side of a house.

Part of the beauty of living in an area like Toledo OH is the ability to enjoy every season, including fall. You will enjoy the season more, however, if you take steps in the summer to reduce the possibility of heavy wind damage to your home.

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