Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage This Winter

It’s been a warm fall, and winter is looking to be more of the same. Of course, you know what that means: severe thunderstorms. And with these severe storms comes hail, especially around the Toledo OH area. If your roof hasn’t been properly prepared for the season, hail can cause massive amounts of damage. Here are a few ways to protect your roof against hail.

Big Hail

1. Know how your roof reacts.

Different types of materials can withstand hail damage more than others. Metal roofs are nearly impervious to hail; although they may dent, they won’t break or leak. Shingles, on the other hand, can often be knocked loose or be damaged as a result of hail. Knowing how your roofing material will react to the hail will better prepare you for any repairs you may need to make.


2. After the storm, look for signs of damage.

Make sure the storm has passed completely before going outside. You don’t want to risk being caught in the hail storm or exposing yourself to a lightning strike. Look for dented shingles, holes, cracks, and other signs that a part of the roof may have suffered damage. Even if the damage appears to be only cosmetic, take the time to inspect it further; damaged shingles can lead to leaks in the roof.


3. Look for granule loss.

Granules are the small particles covering shingles. They work as part of a protective barrier to keep your roof waterproof. After hail damage, granules can loosen and fall off. You’ll often find them in the gutter. When the granules have fallen from a shingle, the protective coating weakens and will eventually cause the shingle itself to fall, leave your roof unprotected.

While it’s nearly impossible to protect a home completely against hail, you can educate yourself on the signs of damage and know when it’s time to call a professional. You should have your roof inspected on a yearly basis to look for any obvious damage. After each storm, take the time to inspect your roof. Do a slow walk around of the home and keep an eye out for obvious signs of damage. If anything catches your eye, use a ladder to inspect it more closely.

If your existing roof is beginning to show its age, it may be time for a renovation. While this can be an inconvenience and a hefty investment, a proper renovation can prevent further damage to your home. Fixing the roof is a small cost when compared to the value of all of the belongings within the home.

The storms that bring hail can carry gusts of 50 mph or more. Hail itself can sometimes fall at more than 100 mph, making it very easy to pierce your roof. Make sure your roof has been properly maintained in order to avoid serious damage to your home and risk to your family. The storm season in Toledo OH can be a rough one — be prepared.


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