Protecting Your Toledo Home From Storm Damage

Residents Of Toledo OH Often Face Severe Storms.
Natural disasters can occur at any time. Severe storms including tornado’s, floods, and heavy rains are just a few of the the natural disasters that can cause damage to homes and business’s. Storm damage will vary depending on the overall climate or weather conditions of where you live. Residents of Toledo Ohio face the challenge of severe storms that bring high winds, and flooding. Recently residents of Toledo have experienced high flooding throughout the region causing damage to homes by flooding basements and clogging sewer lines. Along with flooding, high winds can cause more severe damage by falling trees or blowing debris. However, there are some preventative steps that home owners can take to help protect their homes from damage caused by severe or even moderate storms.


Tips to Help Protect Your Home
While no home can be fully protected from every type or storm or natural disaster there are many things that can be done to greatly minimize storm damage to your home.

*Know Your Areas Patterns- Educating yourself on your particular areas weather and storm patterns are the first steps to protecting your home from damage. Simply put, if you live in an a desert area then protecting against flood damage may not be a priority. Check your area’s past weather history, focusing on severe weather or storms making note of when the occur most often.

*Add Some Storm Resistant Upgrades- If you live in an area where high winds or tornado’s are common, then you can protect your home by installing impact resistant doors and windows and installing wind resistant siding. Wind and rain resistant roof vents can also help protect your home during severe storms. Identifying and understanding your homes weaker points such as windows, doors, and vents will allow you to fortify these areas to help prevent damage caused by rain and high winds. Also, using extra fasteners for roof sheathing will better protect your homes roof during high winds by providing extra support to shingles.

*Prepare Against Flooding- Flooding is a very common in most parts of the country at one time or another. Though most areas only face flooding every few years or longer, some areas must face this natural disaster on a yearly basis. The first and best defense against flood damage is being prepared, that means being properly insured against flood damage, then safeguarding your home the by removing all valuables form low lying areas, such as basements and crawlspaces or other areas at risk for flooding. Preparing and using sandbags can also help protect areas against rising flood waters.

Prepare For Different Types Of Severe Weather- For Toledo OH residents this would be the best choice for protection against storm damage. While Toledo residents often have many days of good weather, it does get a large share of wind, rain, and hailstorms. Preparing for all of these events would be the most advantageous to the homeowner. In addition, having a well established home restoration service on call to assist you with repairing or clean up of your home provides for added home protection and peace of mind.

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