Repairing Wind Damage to Your Monroe Home

Wind damage is a fact of life for homeowners in Monroe OH. Wind damage caused by storms, excessive rains and snow hazards leave behind broken windows, missing roof shingles, destroying siding and water damages, which could become costly if ignored. There are a few preventive measures property owners can take to reduce the potential damages; trimming back the tree branches near windows or roof tops can help. These falling branches are partially responsible for serious exterior damages.

wind-damage-restorationIn most cases, severe wind damage in Monroe OH is caused by flying objects. Preparing the property ahead of time can add to substantial savings over the long term. Consider installing storm shutters to cover any exposed glass to prevent excessive damage to the home’s structural integrity. Recovery services offer assistance with necessary repairs or replacements:

  • Water extraction, and drying
  • Mold removal
  • Window
  • Roof
  • Siding

Property owners should be sure the property insurance policy is current and has sufficient coverage to repair and replace the damage. The recent weather conditions and Monroe, OH history of storms, have insurance policies changing coverage and limitations for this type of property damage.


The frequency and severity of the storms cause major damages exposing the roof under layers affecting the interior of the home. The edges of the roof are usually more susceptible to losing shingles, especially if the shingles or roofing materials are older. Don’t forget the exterior structures attached to the roof, like the fireplace and rain gutters. As these separate from the exterior structure an opening may allow water to seep inside to the supporting beam causing the wood to weaken and rot. An experience contractor will make sure the proper materials are used and waterproofing measures are taken to protect the roof.

Exterior Siding

Exterior siding is more than just a cosmetic feature to the home. It adds an additional protective layer to the property’s exterior. Today’s homeowners invest in siding to take advantage of the reduced energy costs, but after a wind storm, siding can be loosened or broken requiring repair or replacement. The replacement can help to restore the protection and curb appeal. The difficulty comes in matching the colors and depending on the amount of damage, the property may require new siding. It’s always recommended to speak with a professional contractor to ensure the property is safe and secure.

Deck and Porches

These areas may be the most vulnerable to storm damage, mainly because they are exposed to the environments. There are methods to protect the wood and concrete surfaces, but these areas are subject to cracks and rotting woods during the heavy storms and still required repair or replacement to restore its beauty again. If the porch is attached the home, be sure to check the support posts, specifically if the posts are near a main door entry or attached to the roof. It’s this unseen type of damage that may have serious consequences to the property infrastructure.

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