Reversing the Effects of Water Damage on Your Monroe OH Home

waterdamageThe first step to reversing the effects of water damage is a thorough room by room inspection of the house by a certified water damage technician. This helps ensures that even if water seeped into unseen areas, such as within the walls or the sub-flooring, measures are taken to restore the damage and prevent lasting effects. The technician will also determine if there are any safety hazards and how to address them.

Water Extraction

The first priority after the damage is assessed is to remove all the water in order to contain the damage to one’s Monroe OH home. Once all the standing water is extracted, the technicians will take measures to expedite the drying process, removing wet materials from the home, including:

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Throw Rugs
  • Baseboards
  • Ruined Drywall
  • Soaked Insulation

Before the technicians can move on to the next stage , they must treat every affected surface within the home.

The Drying Process

The drying process is perhaps one of the longest stages of restoring one’s home and can take up to four days depending on the extent of the damage. At this point, specialized commercial equipment, such as:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Air Movers
  • Wood Floor Drying Systems

The goal is to remove all remaining traces of water from the home to prevent further damage, including mold and mildew, warped wood, destroyed carpets and more. In fact, it is crucial to prevent the growth of mold, which is often a serious health hazard to people and animals.

Damage Re-assessment

Once the drying process is complete, a technician will conduct another inspection of one’s Monroe OH home. This is not only to insure no hidden pockets of water remain but also that there are no signs of mold growth. In addition, technicians are able to gain a better idea of the extent of the damage. If one’s house passes inspection, reconstruction of one’s home can begin.

Home Reconstruction

This is the day that most homeowners are filled with renewed hope. After all, reconstructing their home and removing all traces of water damage means they can return to their lives. At this point, any structural damage is repaired and ruined cabinets and carpets are replaced. By the end of this process, one can rest easy with the knowledge one’s Monroe OH house is safe, sound and a happy home once again.

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