24 Hour Emergency Board Up

24 Hour Emergency Board Up

American Builders has the best service for storm, fire, vandalism damage. We can help you minimize potential damage to your property prior to a storm or help you secure your property after an unexpected disaster occurs.We can effectively board up doors, windows, garage doors, roofs, large bay windows, roofs and other areas identified in through our inspection process.

A lot of times during storms limbs or even entire trees will come down onto buildings, fences, and other structures and need to be removed promptly to ensure timely reconstruction. In addition to the board up, we will remove any fallen trees.

American Builders provide board-up services for doors and windows, temporary roof and structural repairs and power generators to help keep things moving. We will coordinate with your insurance company’s adjuster to allow for a smooth transition when your home is ready for repairs. Do not leave your home unattended once it is safe to return, properly boarding up your home can help deter theft and additional damage.

Whether it’s a home or office that has been hit by Fire, Flood, Wind or Vandalism, American Builders services are a critical step in containing and preventing further damage. Immediate board up of the exposed area will keep moisture and other weather elements out until more extensive repairs can take place. Our team will assess your needs and deploy a technique that minimizes cosmetic damaging. We work directly with you or your insurance company at your discretion. We work directly with homeowners, halting further damage to the property and restoring what was once lost.

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