Bio-hazard / Crime Scene Cleanup

Bio-hazard / Crime Scene Cleanup

Working with bio-hazardous materials can be a risky job. Almost every job, there is bound to be an accident or two, but if you are working with bio-hazardous materials, you need a company such as American Builders to clean up the spill the proper way. We follow a few basic steps in order to properly clean up a bio-hazard spill. Bio-hazard / Crime Scene Cleanup is a very specialized procedure that requires a qualified and competent professional.

The Bio-hazard / Crime Scene Cleanup technicians at American Builders are specifically trained in the latest procedures and are armed with the latest technology to safely and professionally remove these potentially harmful contaminants. Over time, bio-hazardous elements or environmental pollution can develop having a detrimental effect on humans or the environment. Bio-hazard waste can also come from sewer backups, clandestine meth labs, and death, suicide or crime scene situations.

In reality, these seasoned professionals are charged with an extremely vital task: Making sure you and your family remain safe from the potential health risks associated with bio-hazard spills. We are the professionals in Bio-hazard / Crime Scene Cleanup Services. Upon our initial inspection of the area, we will conduct an evaluation of each area of your home or office building to determine the level of bio-hazard, including a determination of the type of bio-hazard.

Regardless of the situation that led to your property becoming an unsafe environment, our technicians are trained to clean, disinfect and deodorize to restore property, and your peace of mind.

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