Contents Packout / Cleaning

Contents Packout / Cleaning

In the event that the interior of your home has sustained severe damage, a contents pack-out may be recommended as a part of our emergency service procedures. This is the term we use to describe the process of transferring your household contents to our climate controlled storage facility for the purpose of cleaning and deodorizing them. The contents pack-out procedure also ensures your belongings do not suffer any further smoke or water damage. American Builders has a highly trained team to get you belongings back to its original state.

new-contents-packoutDepending on the severity of the fire, the restoration process of your home and contents may require only a few days of detailed on-site cleaning. A more severe fire may necessitate several months of cleaning and repair to the structure as well as a comprehensive contents cleaning. Our content pack-out, restoration and climate controlled storage services will help you protect your personal property during a loss.

Trained personnel will take a detailed inventory of your contents with care and precision and document any that are damaged for future evaluation. Once we have completed the repairs or restoration of your home/property, the contents moved from our climate controlled storage areas and meticulously returned when and where you feel suitable.

You can be confident your personal items are in safe hands and getting the attention they deserve. Our specialized trained technicians utilize the latest equipment and cleaning agents in the restoration industry. Our professionals are trained to handle your possessions with care from the initial on-site assessment through packing, transporting, storage and safe return. We understand how valuable your possessions are to you. After the Pack Out is complete, our American Builders crew can then move freely throughout the facility in need of repair. Regardless of job size, we always assign a project manager and superintendent to oversee each reconstruction job from start to finish.

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