Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Wind damage from strong storms can occur at any time of the year from many different types of storms and can range from very minor to severe. Lightning, hail and damaging rains can all rip shingles off your roof, slam a tree into your house, and propel debris through your windows and walls.

The physical damage from these events may be as minor as a broken window or may be as dramatic as a damaged roof or a fallen tree that causes structural damage. If your roof was damaged by a local storm event you may be entitled to a roof repair. Most Home Owners policies are “replacement” cost, meaning that anything damaged or destroyed will be replaced at today’s cost. If an adjuster is unable to make it out to your home today, make sure you do everything in your power to prevent further damage to home or property and save receipts for anything related to a claim.

wind-damage-restorationAmerican Builders will be onsite right away to assess the damage caused by wind, lightning, hail or damaging rains. We then work with your insurance adjuster to repair the wind damage, cut and carrying away debris, stabilize the structure of your home, and mend all structural and cosmetic harm. From board ups to property protection we have the manpower needed to get your life back in order and get the property stable until the insurance adjuster gets there. We can provide full roof tarping to protect your roof from any potential water damage that may happen. American Builders will work with our customers to ensure expert and speedy repair of your home or property. We work with you to ensure each project receives the individual attention it requires. We provide all the information necessary to make the often times confusing insurance claim process easy to understand.

Our professional cleaning crews can clean up any mess weather damage is on the outside or inside of the property, from broken glass to wet carpet we are here to help after a storm or damage from the wind.

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