Five Long Term Effects of Smoke Damage and How to Fight Them

Smoke damage is a problem that can occur in homes that suffer from fire damage, which can destroy the property and cause longterm health issues with the residents. Although the emotional damage can last for several years, the physical symptoms that the residents experience can last just as long. To learn how to fight long term health effects for full recovery, there are a few steps to take after enduring the traumatic event.

Fire Damage

1. Headaches

One of the main symptoms that people experience after a fire in their home in Toledo OH is frequent headaches that can occur. This is often due to a lack of oxygen in the body after carbon monoxide has been inhaled. Oxygen treatments will likely be needed to reduce the health effect with time.

2. Difficulty Breathing

After smoke damage has occurred in properties in Toledo OH, many people who are in the home may have inhaled small particles from the fire. This is known to cause shortness of breath from the carbon monoxide that can travel through the respiratory tract. Health experts recommend avoiding smoky areas and exercising more to increase the amount of oxygen that is received in the body. If the individual cannot limit their exposure to smokey areas, it’s important to keep physical activity to a minimum.

If the victim has suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, hyperbaric oxygenation may be considered for a treatment that provides oxygen through the use of a compression chamber. This can increase the recovery time and gradually improve the nervous system.

3. Asthma

When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it is known to lead to conditions that include asthma. It’s important to keep the indoor air as clean as possible to make it easier to breathe. This can be achieved by using an air purifier that runs throughout the home and replacing the filter on an air conditioning unit each month. Avoid using a fireplace, gas stoves, gas logs, and even candles. This can cause even more smoke to be inhaled into the lungs and increase the health symptoms that are experienced. Inhalers will likely be provided with medications by a physician until the lungs heal.

4. Coughing

Fire soot is also known to cause persistent coughing due to the mucus membranes that become irritated in the respiratory tract. This causes more mucous to be produced, which can lead to coughing on a daily basis in the body’s attempt to excrete the mucous. The individual may notice that the mucous is black or clear, depending on how much smoke exposure they experienced.

5. Changes in the Mental State

Smoke inhalation can easily cause mental confusion and difficulty with the memory due to lower oxygen levels. A blood test may need to be performed to determine if there are enough red blood cells to carry oxygen and enough white blood cells to fight any infections that may have developed. Receiving extra oxygen through a machine may be necessary for the primary form of treatment for the individual.

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