Which Types of Storms Cause the Most Property Damage Every Year?


Folks in Toledo OH get their full share of storms. Whether it’s a winter blizzard, a midsummer tornado, or an electric storm in the fall, the American Midwest plays host to a wide variety of weather disturbances every year.

But some adverse weather systems pass through and are quickly forgotten, while others can cause a heartbreaking amount of storm damage to homes, farms, and businesses. They can threaten lives and seriously disrupt daily activities. Faced with these dangerous storms, we need to know how to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.

In an effort to help homeowners, we can rank the types of storms that hit Toledo OH according to the amount of property damage they cause. Here’s a list of the top five.

1. Tornadoes

Ohio gets an average of sixteen tornadoes every year. Some years we dodge the bullet and escape serious damage; other years can bring tornadoes that inflict death and massive destruction. The tornado that hit just outside of Toledo in June 2010, for example, killed five people and caused immense damage to property.

2. Electric Storms

Lightning is a major culprit when it comes to damage. The fire caused by a lightning strike can be sudden, massive, and irresistible; further blazes can result from “hot” electric wires severed by the strike. If lightning strikes down a tree or other large structure, it can cause a great deal of secondary damage when it falls. Lightning can also cause electrical surges that can wipe out the computers, phones, and appliances in affected buildings.

3. Ice Storms

Long icicles hanging from ice covered frozen cedar tree branch in winter, closeupIce storms don’t even seem like storms, a fact that contributes to the damage they cause. As a gentle rain falls, it forms a pretty glaze around everything it touches. The ground crusts over with invisible ice. And then the trouble begins. Power lines, encased in ice, snap, bringing the poles down with them. Cars veer out of control on the “black ice” that covers everything. People slip, slide, and fall on treacherous walkways. Heavy branches snap off and fall on roofs and roadways. An ice storm can bring an entire city to a standstill, causing a devastating amount of damage.

4. Wind Storms

The damage caused by a strong wind can be overwhelming. Shallow-rooted trees such as pines and firs, even quite large specimens, can be easily toppled over onto a house or garage, causing immense destruction. The wind doesn’t even have to be gale-force to damage roofing, tiles, and other structures around a home.

5. Hail Storms

Four golf ball sized hail stones cover the hand of a large adult who holds them out over the hail covered ground.We tend to think of loss to farmers when we think of hail storms, since standing crops can be completely wiped out in a matter of minutes when heavy hail falls. The National Weather Service estimates that hail causes $1 billion in damages every year. But hailstorms aren’t just a problem for farmers. Hail can smash roofs, shatter windows, and scar the siding of a house. Cars are particularly susceptible to hailstone damage; windshields can be shattered by the force of the hail, and the entire surface of the vehicle pockmarked from the hailstones.

Property damage happens. But one excellent way you can prepare for the possibility of loss due to storms is to check your insurance policy. Be sure that your policy indicates clearly the kinds of storms that it covers. And if your home or business does take a hit from adverse weather, be sure to arrange storm damage repair with a business that you can trust.


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