Is Your Home at Risk of Hail Damage?

Summer weather here in Toledo, OH can become pretty severe. Sure, we do enjoy calm, sunny days, but mother nature also sends strong wind, thunder storms, and even hail our way too. Unfortunately, even a small hail storm can cause major damage. For that reason, it’s important for residents of Toledo to protect their homes against severe weather.


– Is it really possible to protect my home from hail damage?
Many homeowners assume that they are the mercy of mother nature; this is not true. With just a few simple upgrades, you can protect your roof, skylights, HVAC equipment, and landscaping from the next big storm. However, it’s important to note that all protective equipment does have its limits. In other words, upgrades are never a replacement for a good insurance policy.

– What are impact-resistant shingles?
Shingle roofs are a common choice here in Toledo, OH, and this isn’t a surprise. After all, the material is affordable, installation is easy, and the finished product looks great. Unfortunately, the standard asphalt shingle is very prone to hail damage. This means that just one hail storm can destroy your roof. Impact-resistant shingles, on the other hand, are significantly stronger. In fact, some impact-resistant shingles can survive even storms producing 1.5 inch hail.

– What is a weatherproof metal roof?
While impact-resistant shingles can go a long way to protecting your home, many argue that there’s no beating the durability of a weatherproof metal roof. These roofs can withstand fire, water, wind, and hail better than just about any other. Additionally, metal roofs generally last longer than other materials.

– How can I protect my skylights?
Interior designers and homeowners love skylights; there’s just no beating the beauty of natural light. However, hail also loves to destroy skylights. If your home has skylights, you can have hail shields installed. These shields are designed to be attractive but effective.

– How can I protect my HVAC equipment?
It seems cruel that a summer storm can destroy your air conditioner during the months you need it most. However, hail guards can protect your air conditioner from hail and flying debris. Once the storm is over, there will be one less thing for you to worry about.

– What about landscaping?
Many homeowners forget that their own landscaping can cause damage, or be subject to damage, during a hail storm. Keep trees trimmed; otherwise, dead branches can come crashing down. Additionally, secure patio furniture, children’s toys, and yard equipment before the storm arrives.

– Will upgrading my home lower my insurance premiums?
Repairing damage to a home caused by a hail storm can cost a pretty penny. Your homeowners insurance will likely pick up the tab, but the repairs aren’t necessarily free. After all, if there are too many hail damage claims, the insurer will likely have to increase rates. However, upgrading your home makes it less likely that you’re going to file a claim. As a result, your insurer is likely to lower your premium.

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