The Long Term Effects of Home Water Damage and How to Reverse Them

Water damage can affect a home in several ways, from plumbing issues to leaky roofs. Worst of all, this issue is quite common. Statistics show that water damage is the second highest insurance claim. Homeowners should know that 93 percent of all water damage is preventable, so regular inspections might save you money in the long run. The following will shine the light on the long-term effects of water damage and what can be done to fix the damage.

Long Term Effects of Water Damage

It is easy for the signs of water damage to go unnoticed. If water gets into the walls due to a leaky roof, that will be hard to spot, but it can lead to serious electrical damage or even a fire should it be left untreated. This should concern people like those in Toledo, Ohio where the annual rainfall is a little more than 30 inches.

The following are just a few issues that might occur due to water damage:

  • Different types of mold might grow, including black mold. Black mold has been known to cause allergies or lead to spore infections in the lungs.
  • The erosion of wallpaper and drywall is very likely.
  • There may be some warped wood around the house.
  • Structural damage to the entire home is possible.

These are just some of the problems a home might face should water damage be neglected too long.

Homeowners can Reverse Some of These Problems

Attempting to reverse water damage in any of its stages could prove to be quite difficult. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that homeowners do not attempt to do this task themselves. Water damage can lead to contaminated water. Dirty water could contain bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and parasites. It would be best to talk to a professional water damage restoration expert.

There are many ways a professional might be able to reverse some of the damage done to a home. One way is by using powerful vacuums and pumping systems that essentially move air through the contaminated area. The air is moved at an accelerated rate to dry the area quickly.

Another tool that is sometimes used to remove moisture is a dehumidifier; this is a heavy-duty option that should get the job done. Of course, there is also a heat injector that can take care of the problem.

It should be noted that a water damage restoration expert will come equipped with specialized detergents designed to eradicate any fungi or microbial threats. Areas in the home that are compromised beyond repair will have to be removed to ensure the home is safe to live in. Replacements will have to be put in, but homeowners who report the possibility of water damage early do not have to worry about this restoration process.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on your home and ensure that it is inspected routinely to check for possible issues that can be fixed now rather than later.

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