The Five Most Prominent Causes of Home Water Damage During Summer


The summer months are almost here. It’s time to dust off and crank up the old air conditioner to deal with the heat. You may want to have some maintenance done before using it, however. Sometimes old appliances can cause unforeseen and costly damages when they malfunction. Hoses, pipes and drains will inevitably clog or crack. These items seem to malfunction and leave your house flooded at the worst possible times. Some of these mishaps can be avoided. Let’s try and get a heads up and check before your summer festivities begin. Here are the five most prominent causes of home water damage that can occur during the summer in Toledo OH.

1Air Conditioner Malfunction
This one is probably the most common. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units systems can cause a huge mess if not regularly serviced. They can cause moisture buildup, develop mold spores, and of course major leaks. If the unit’s overflow system is clogged or damaged, the drainage system will stop functioning properly. This leakage will cause wet moldy insulation, damage to your walls, or damage to your ceiling.

2Damaged Hoses and Pipes
Broken or cracked pipes are common hidden misfits in the home. Something as small as an ice maker hose or a washing machine hose can cause major damage due to the fact that it will be used more frequently during the summer. Blockages in pipes build undue pressure that can cause the weakened areas in the system to give in, burst or leak. Old sewer line pipes are prone to leaks but watch out for natural interference. Tree roots are notorious for damaging sewer lines.

3Bathroom Accidents
One major cause of flood damage in homes is centered in the bathroom. If you’ve ever forgotten that you left the bath water running, you understand how much of a headache this can cause. It’s even worse when the offended tub isn’t on the first floor! If your toilet is making a noise after flushing it, the water is still running. Keep in mind that if there’s a blocked drain while the water is running, your toilet will overflow. Another issue is that tubs, sinks and toilets sometimes leak. If you miss it, you have a wet floor, damaged cabinets, and possibly mold to clean up.

4Blocked or Damaged Drains
Drains are just as important as the pipes, hoses and systems that they work with. Drainage systems have to be free and clear of anything for everything else to function properly. A blocked drain in a sink, swimming pool, tub, or toilet can result in flooding and an unhealthy environment. Stagnant water from a blocked drain can result in toxins and mildew buildup. Sewer line drains in Toledo OH can also clog and flood.

5Nature’s Fury
Flash floods are nature’s way of cleaning and there’s nothing we can do to prepare for them. They come quickly and don’t last very long but the damage is sometimes overwhelming. They are oftentimes a rare occurrence and sometimes appear in areas that traditionally don’t have flooding.

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