Five Potential Sources of Water Damage to Your Home

According to experts, there are five places where leaks can likely occur. Whenever a leak causes major water damage, always hire a home damage restoration service. Toledo OH technicians are highly trained, so they will implement advanced procedures to prevent mold growth.

waterdamage Leak Source One – Plumbing Pipes

If the ground deteriorates or shifts, the sudden change will make a pipe leak. Without repairs, the drippy pipe will increase the water bill.

A temperature change can cause a leak too. When water freezes in a pipe, the intense pressure may make the metal crack or burst.

To protect your pipes throughout the year, you must:

  • Inspect the material for condensation and corrosion.
  • Monitor your water bill often for significant increases.
  • Insulate the lines in the basement and attic before winter arrives.

Leak Source Two – Water Heater

A water heater will leak if the tank is not flushed. When maintenance is ignored, rust and sediment will settle on the surface in the tank. Sediment and rust can damage the pipe fittings and gaskets in a water heater. When these components wear down, leaks will likely occur. You can prevent potential leaks by:

Inspecting the entire unit on a regular basis.

Removing sediment out of the tank every other season of the year.

Leak Source Three – Roof

If the flashing is cracked, your roof will gain a slow leak. The flashing is a narrow piece of metal that is found underneath the shingles. If the flashing is exposed, you will see a long sheet of metal on your roof. Without professional repairs, water will seep through the large cracks on a rainy day. To repair the flashing, you must:

  • Remove the old flashing by prying up the nails.
  • Lift the shingles and remove the damaged segment.
  • Secure the new flashing to the roof with strong roofing nails.
  • Apply a roofing sealant on the nails to protect them.

Leak Source Four – Washing Machine

If your washing machine has a leak, the hose is probably damaged or weak. Over time, the hose that attaches to the water line will lose its elasticity. If the hose is very old, you may have to repair various holes or splits. To pinpoint the source of a leak on a hose, inspect the surfaces thoroughly for any signs of rust. Most leaks develop on a hose in corroded or stained areas.

A washer will also leak if one of the seals fail. There is a seal on the center gasket and on the bottom of the tub. The seal that is located on the outer tub manages the water level when the machine washes and rinses different garments. If the gasket fails, the washing machine will leak when it empties the water.

Leak Source Five – Toilet

A toilet leaks occur when the bolts or washers are worn out. The bolts are important because they secure the tank to the bowl. If the grip is not strong, water will leak onto the floor.

If you need help cleaning up your property in Toledo OH, contact a local restoration service that specializes in water damage.

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