Five Ways That Ice Can Damage Your Home During Winter

Winter ice is a beautiful and familiar sight for Toledo OH winters, but it can cause problems for homeowners across the nation. Keep reading to learn the five ways ice can cause damage to your home.
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Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when snow on the roof melts and refreezes. The presence of an ice dam is an indicator of poor attic insulation. When snow on the roof melts, it flows down beneath the insulating blanket of snow until it reaches a point on the roof where the temperature is below freezing. When the melted water reaches the eaves, it refreezes and creates a dam that prevents any other water from properly draining. Ice dams can lead to leaks in roofing material and damaged ceilings. If the dam should suddenly break free, the falling ice could strike someone on the head and cause an injury.

Water Leaks

As the ice melts from the heat of your roof, the resulting moisture may find its way into your home. If the water finds an entry point in your roofing materials, rest assured that it will seep through and cause staining on your ceilings and walls. Left untreated, the water inside your walls and ceilings will eventually lead to mold growth. Mold can cause a wide range of health problems including headaches, stomach pains, nausea, chronic fatigue and scarring of the lungs. In severe cases, mold exposure can lead to death.

Weakened and Damaged Gutters

Ice on the roof places an undue strain on the gutters of your home. The frozen water is unable to flow through the downspouts and will instead build up in the gutters themselves. When the ice reaches the roof of the home, the snow on the roof will add an additional strain to the gutter system. In cases such as this, you may find that your gutters begin to bend, crumple and/or crack beneath the weight of the accumulated ice. To help prevent the problem of overflowing and blocked-up gutters, set a cleaning schedule in place to remove debris collected over the course of the year. You might also want to install a gutter protection system such as gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter filters or gutter screens to prevent debris from entering the system.

Plugged Downspouts

Downspouts plugged by ice can lead to loosening of the downspout from the gutter. If left untended, the downspout might break away completely from the gutter, leaving you with a repair project for the spring. Avoid the plugged downspout by ensuring that your gutters are cleaned out each year and that you have adequate insulation in your attic.


Icicles are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. Dripping icicles often leave a slippery trail beneath them to cause a nasty fall for any unsuspecting victim who happens along. They can also damage your gutters. Knock them off your roof with care to avoid injury.


Even with your best efforts, you may find that you are experiencing property damage as a result of winter ice. If so, contact a Toledo OH property damage restoration service to have your home looking as good as new.

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