Which Types of Storm Damage Are Most Common During Winter?

When the cold months arrive, it’s easy to forget about the storm damage the winter can wreak on a Toledo OH home. While a home can provide a warm place to snuggle and enjoy a cup of hot tea, all homeowners should be aware of conditions that can cause severe structural problems, and an undue financial burden.

The Most Common Winter Storm Home Damage

Sub-Zero Temperatures

A sudden cold snap can quickly turn all features of a home that are in working order, into problems that require immediate attention. Without proper inspection and preparation the cold can freeze water pipes, put pressure on heating systems, cause mechanical problems, and put a strain on all electric home components. If there is an unseen problem in the home, severe cold will certainly bring it to the forefront.


Coupled with frigid temperatures and a snow pack, winter winds can stress nearby trees. Large, unstable branches are notorious for snapping and causing immeasurable destruction to roofs, porches, electric and telephone wiring, and vehicles.

Ice And Frozen Rain

Whether it comes from the sky, or built-up over time, ice is the nastiest culprit for damage caused to homes in the winter. There is a terrible cycle that emerges with operating a comfortable home in the winter. The core of a house remains warm and constantly emits heat. The snow and ice around the home melts, but once it is exposed to the elements it quickly freezes again. This cycle can cause tremendous ice build-up in the worst places.

Ice pressure can crack glass and plug vents. Frozen runoff will choke gutters and destroy eves. Thawed ice will seek cracks in concrete, brick, and stone, but will certainly freeze again and expand while causing deeper fissures. This phenomenon is common from the roof to the support walls of an underground cellar.

Other dangers from ice around the home include the formation of potentially life-threatening hanging icicles, and attic ice that doesn’t show until mold and mildew completely destroys the attic roof and a home’s drywall in the spring.


Places like Toledo OH can see hail storms that bring hail stones the size of golf balls, or larger. A strong hailstorm will rip roof tiles, break windows, tear siding, and other unimaginable disasters.

Home Restoration After A Winter Storm

Storm damage to a home in an Ohio winter is not a matter of “if,” but “when.” When the need arises for repairing sustained structural damage, there are expert resources available. This is true if the damage is a true emergency, or is noticed only once winter subsides. Professional home restoration services can help with features like,

– full and superficial roof compromise
– ducting and venting replacement
– gutter realignment and rehanging
– broken window replacement
– siding repair
– stone and brick wall and driveway patching
– tree removal
– utility component inspection and repair.

Though the winter can present a considerable challenge for homeowners in Toledo OH, nobody is without a home-saving lifeline. There is nothing that a cold snap, or storm can bring that a professional home restoration service cannot address.

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