Wind Damage Prevention for Your Home

Wind storms can be especially frequent during the spring and summer months. Even storms that do not rise to the designation of “tornado” can cause significant property damage if you have failed to make the proper preparations for bad weather. Here are a few tips on securing your Toledo OH home and property to avoid unnecessary damage from the wind:

Wind Damage Prevention - Toledo OH

If you live in an older structure, your windows may be among the weakest points during a windstorm. Replacing your windows with impact-resistant material can help to save repair costs on both the inside and outside of your home. Installing exterior shutters on windows can also help to prevent damage if you live in an area with frequent windstorms, tornados or hurricanes. These shutters come in a variety of styles and materials to fit particular needs.

Your Toledo OH home’s doors can also be an area of structural weakness during a windstorm. If you have older doors, consider replacing them with new models that are made of sturdier materials. Heavy-duty bolts can also be installed on the doors to ensure that they resist high winds. Sliding glass doors are another weak point of your home’s structure. Ensure that your sliding door has impact-resistant glass. Hurricane shutters that are either removable or permanent will ensure that you are not injured by broken glass from sliding doors during a severe wind event.

Garage Doors
Because of their construction, garage doors create a wind damage hazard during severe weather. Garage doors that are more than eight feet wide are particularly vulnerable. Wood or metal stiffeners can help to strengthen these doors. Ensure that the track system is constructed of sturdy material and in good working order. During a storm, put your car in the garage and tie the garage door to the rear bumper to ensure its safety.

Homeowners should do a thorough inspection of their roofing materials before the storm season arrives. Have a roofing contractor secure any loose roofing material or flashing to prevent further damage and the risk of water intrusion during a storm. Make sure the roof is secured to sidewalls with metal clips and straps. These clips can be added when you have a new roof installed. Ensure that gables are braced to end walls to prevent damage during windstorms. Seal all sheathing joints with rubberized asphalt tape as an additional moisture barrier.

Trees and Shrubs
Homeowners should do a thorough inspection of their landscaping before the beginning of storm season to ensure that hazards are removed before bad weather threatens their property. Pay particular attention to the following wind damage hazards:

· Remove dead or broken tree limbs that can become a hazard to people or property during a wind event.

· Remove large tree limbs that overhang roofs or hang close to windows.

· Trim back shrubs that are planted close to windows of the home that could cause glass breakage during a windstorm.

· Carry potted outdoor plants inside before the storm arrives. These pots can act as missiles when winds are high.

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