Wind Damage Prevention for Your Toledo OH Home

If you are a homeowner in Toledo OH, then it is vital to protect a home from wind damage that can tear away its siding or shingles with these prevention tips.

wind-damage-restorationPrevention One: Install Durable Siding on a Home

One of the reasons that homeowners often choose thin vinyl siding is because if it tears away during a storm, the materials do not break windows. When a home has heavy siding such as wood or metal, verify that it is securely attached to underlying layers. Brick and stone can also crumble during high winds when the mortar has decayed, and you can hire a brickmason to repair loose stone and brick materials.

Prevention Two: Maintain Outbuildings Near Your Home

The outbuildings near a home are at high-risk of lifting from the ground during a storm to become projectiles. As the bits of wood and glass from storage barns, garden sheds and gazebos fly through the air, the items can hit your home, causing major damage. Take time to reinforce lightweight outbuildings with ground anchors, fasteners or straps to keep the structures in place during a storm.

Prevention Three: Check a Home’s Landscaping

Trees are a major source of damage to homes after a tornado as decayed branches break and hit roofs, windows and siding. In some cases, an entire tree falls on a building, causing thousands of dollars in damage. When you plant a tree, make sure the item is far away from a home’s exterior, and keep its branches trimmed to avoid problems during a storm. Have a decayed or diseased tree removed completely to ensure it does not fall.

Prevention Four: Cover Doors and Windows

You should reinforce the doors and windows of a Toledo OH home to protect interior structures from moisture damage. Strong winds can shatter glass and send it flying inside a building, leading to serious injuries. In addition, a door can dislodge from its hinges, permitting rainwater and debris to enter a structure to ruin drywall and carpeting. The best way to protect windows and doors is with customized storm shutters installed by professional technicians.

Prevention Five: Replace a Roof’s Shingles with Durable Materials

How long has it been since you inspected your home’s rooftop? Most homeowners never look at this part of a building because it is too difficult to reach, but a professional roofer has a bucket truck and ladders to complete an inspection before adding replacement shingles with numerous nails and staples to prevent the items from blowing away in high winds.

Prevention Six: Make Sure Your Garage Door is Reinforced

Wind damage can destroy a garage door along with the items stored inside such as vehicles and lawn care equipment. Contact a garage door specialist to determine the best type of garage door for your home. There are different types of material such as steel or aluminum that are made with features such as reinforcements inside that can stop it from blowing inward during a rainstorm.

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